4 Step Process

Companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 industry giants to mid-sized enterprises regularly turn to The Stone Group to effectively manage their real estate assets.

Step One: Analyze

We scour real estate assets to uncover opportunities for cost savings and additional efficiency to develop a plan of action.

We evaluate current real estate portfolios and obligations to identify strengths, risks and opportunities and assess future real estate needs and objectives in developing a comprehensive action plan. We develop real estate management strategies that match clients plans for growth, formulating short and long-term goals and needs, such as focusing on reducing space or concentrating on lower cost labor areas. We research markets to analyze the real estate conditions, business environment, workforce characteristics, and other economic and demographic factors companies must consider to make sound expansion or relocation decisions.

Step Two: Automate

After gathering all the lease information, we integrate the data into a secure database and operational management system.

We fold all lease commitments and real estate data into a central system, creating a readily accessible database on a secure web-based platform. Our state-of-the-art technology provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective lease management system available. We develop standardized procedures, reporting and metrics for key real estate data points and operational measures to ensure consistent and effective asset management.

Step Three: Execute

We implement a new real estate plan, delivering powerful cost savings in lease administration and negotiation.

We select sites, review facilities, handle property disposition, oversee new construction, build-out and renovation projections. We negotiate leases, drawing on extensive market knowledge and a deep understanding of the financial service industry, to help develop a negotiating strategy consistent with both long- and short-term business development needs. We work with clients to develop and implement uniform procedures to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of opening facilities in new location.

Step Four: Manage

Our ongoing management of real estate assets includes lease negotiations, oversight and relocation services.

We update and evolve real estate plans as needs change, monitoring tenancy and metrics to ensure that assets are effectively and efficiently managed. We monitor lease agreements to guarantee that landlords fulfill their commitments on time and on budget, track lease terms and alert clients when critical action dates are near so they are always in control of their real estate decisions. We assess and enact relocation plans including project and construction management solutions to find efficiencies at current assets and manage design, occupancy goals, as well as workforce and location planning.

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