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Great example of a calculated risk paying off….love this story.

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I’d have to admit that there’s nothing sexy about lease administration…unless, of course, your firm likes larger profit margins. And yet, so many businesses out there tend to manage their existing leases as an afterthought. For businesses with multiple office locations, it can be a mess to track varying lease agreements and key dates. The result is usually missed opportunities to cut unnecessary costs. For example, do all 45 of your office locations nationwide require 6 months notice prior to terminating their lease agreements? Did you know that, under many leases, you have a right to audit your landlord if your costs go up due to operating expense adjustments? There are many places to save thousands when you take a pr...

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Relocating or opening a medical practice involves quite a bit, to be sure. So why do practices or professionals moving into new office space try to take on the corporate lease negotiations and layout in addition to everything else that’s required? The health care field is made up of literally hundreds or even thousands of specialties. Each specialty has its own unique requirements for office space. One practice may need extensive equipment. Others have a very strict requirement for the patient flow. Very rarely do you find existing space that fits your practice perfectly. Now consider this. The build out for modifying typical office space to meet your can cost from $175 to $300 per square foot. If your practice needs major modifica...

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We work with many corporations of varying sizes and locations. One recurring theme we experience happens shortly after we begin a relationship with a company with anywhere from 75 – 1,500 corporate locations. Without fail, our new clients tell us that they have gone through the headache of managing multiple relocations using internal staff, and have vowed never to do it again. Good idea.

If you’ve been the one responsible for overseeing corporate relocation, you know just how much is involved. Site location; lease negotiation; construction or build-out management…and all of that happens before you even begin to uproot your existing offices to replant them in the new locations. And, of course, in your “spare time&...

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Not that there are too many bad reasons to golf, of course. But on April 23, The Stone Group participated in its second annual Hope4JD golf outing, with the proceeds benefiting this non-profit group providing hope for families of children recovering from hypoxic and/or anoxic brain injuries. The event took place at the Grey Rock Golf Club near Austin, and team members included Michael Stone, Trey Owen, Barrett Sandefur and Gary Manley.

The Stone Group team happened to win, but the real winners were the kids and families helped every day by Hope4JD. Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to the group, and we encourage you to visit them at

The Stone Group will partner with Texas-based Apex Green Energy to offer energy management advisory services. The Stone Group is a national commercial real estate services firm.

Apex Green Energy, through an alliance with Tradition Energy, one of the nation’s largest full-service energy procurement advisors (, provides clients nationwide with services designed to reduce energy expenses, generally among the largest controllable costs for most businesses. The partnership will focus upon supply-side solutions (procurement advisory) with an emphasis on the idea of businesses evaluating sustainable, or “green,” energy, rather than conventional power. Partner Steven Edwards notes that while energy proc...

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We all work on short deadlines and against hard stops. It’s just the nature of the corporate world today. But if you’re procrastinating on making a leasing decision, consider this a word of warning against that approach.

The concept of “seasonality” isn’t just applicable to buying a residential home. In the corporate office sector, there are fairly consistent cycles as well. For example, the fiscal year end (December, if you’re on a cash basis) tends to slow corporate real estate activity to a crawl through the early winter. You’ll want your CFO and finance team involved in any real estate decision, and, quite frankly, they’re a little busy that time of year!

Similarly, spring and early sum...

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We had a recent discussion with a very well known green-construction architect, Peter Pfeiffer, about his views on the ongoing pursuit of “green” construction. He’s a principal with Barley & Pfeiffer in Austin (, and you can see his impressive credentials below.

We agree that sometimes, the “green effort” can become overcomplicated, at the expense of the true end goal, which is to reduce costs and save energy. Instead, some tend to focus on the altar of green “bling” or things that look and sound great, but may not be the best options for the business. In areas where HVAC is used primarily to cool the inside air, the primary challenges are the infiltration of outside air, i...

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Your office space plays a huge role in the way clients, partners and even employees perceive your brand. Unfortunately, many businesses opt for the sterile, commercial look for their restrooms. Why not replace it with a warm residential look?

This is not to say there are no challenges to doing so. For example, most building codes prevent using all the familiarities of a residential restroom in a commercial building. Commercial restrooms have to maintain accessibility for those with disabilities, along with other codes. So it’s likely not possible to install a standard enclosed cabinet base under the sink. Nonetheless, there are ways to make your restroom feel more welcoming.

Diversify the flooring and wall materials. Add an upgrade...

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…baseboard and crown all around!

Add crown molding to your design to give it finesse. Wood baseboard and crown molding can add formal familiarity to a project. Your space becomes less industrial and becomes more welcoming with a true presence. A skillfully crafted molding accenting the top and bottom of a wall can give a client a residential reminder of an eye for detail, a sense of caring, and warmth; a truly a positive impact upon entering the room. How much impact do your walls have?

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