Do you really need a commercial broker to negotiate your new lease?

We know. Hiring outside firms to help with things like real estate just costs you more money. You can probably find the best office space at the best rate on your own. Right?

Not so much.

Unless your hobby is staying active in the commercial real estate market, you’re probably not aware of a huge number of things that can cost or save you hundreds, or even thousands, when you look for a new lease.

Do you know the mood among commercial landlords in your area right now? Are they so eager to lock in tenants that they’ll negotiate things they usually wouldn’t? Or will you insult them by asking—leading to a harrier negotiation?

Do you know what the going rate is in your market today? By “today,” we mean “today,” not last week. Things can change that quickly.

Do you know what kind of language to avoid or add to your lease proposal?

Are you aware of all your options when it comes to the actual office space, or did you just find this one on your own?

Whether you use a broker or your own in-house professional, there’s too much at stake to trust your next corporate relocation to your own experience. We know of some larger businesses that have saved up to $1 million just by using a professional. After all, you probably don’t represent yourself in your legal matters. You likely don’t perform your own medical procedures. You probably didn’t build your own house. So why dabble in corporate real estate on your own?

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