From The Desk Of Michael Stone: A Little Help, Please!

We work with many corporations of varying sizes and locations. One recurring theme we experience happens shortly after we begin a relationship with a company with anywhere from 75 – 1,500 corporate locations. Without fail, our new clients tell us that they have gone through the headache of managing multiple relocations using internal staff, and have vowed never to do it again. Good idea.

If you’ve been the one responsible for overseeing corporate relocation, you know just how much is involved. Site location; lease negotiation; construction or build-out management…and all of that happens before you even begin to uproot your existing offices to replant them in the new locations. And, of course, in your “spare time” during this process, you’re probably still trying to manage a live business.

Now multiply that by ten. Or 1000.

We are often amazed at how much mid-sized to larger corporations try to take on by themselves. We understand, of course, the concept of cost management. But when it comes down to it, most of the business trying to manage multiple site relocations by themselves end up spending more than they would have if they had used a qualified, third party professional to manage the process proactively. Consider the time expenditure by employees being paid to do things that aren’t getting done (in your core business) in lieu of the responsibilities of relocation. Consider the management of each lease at each location—all with varying stipulations and provisions that require active management to avoid unnecessary costs. Consider the cost of allowing the contractors handling a build-out to substitute costlier and unnecessary materials that take the project outside the scope of the original estimate. Now multiply that by 50 locations.

A solid corporate real estate strategy requires a proactive approach. Many companies simply don’t have staff that are equipped or trained. Most don’t have the time. Yet, for some reason, they take it on regularly. The economic opportunity costs, however, can be staggering. These same people wouldn’t perform surgery on themselves, nor try to pilot their own plane for businesses travel (unless they’re pilots, of course). So why take on corporate real estate matters without a little help?

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