From The Desk Of Michael Stone: Cross One Thing Your To Do List If Your Relocating Your Medical

Relocating or opening a medical practice involves quite a bit, to be sure. So why do practices or professionals moving into new office space try to take on the corporate lease negotiations and layout in addition to everything else that’s required? The health care field is made up of literally hundreds or even thousands of specialties. Each specialty has its own unique requirements for office space. One practice may need extensive equipment. Others have a very strict requirement for the patient flow. Very rarely do you find existing space that fits your practice perfectly. Now consider this. The build out for modifying typical office space to meet your can cost from $175 to $300 per square foot. If your practice needs major modifications on a 2,000 foot space….well, you do the math.

Additionally, does your group or practice really have the time to negotiate that lease? Have you done it before? How often? You’ve likely already been through the exercise of building out your current facility, so you know how time consuming it can be. You know the time and costs associated. Wouldn’t you prefer to focus on the actual practice itself? Using experienced professionals to manage the construction management and leasing aspects of relocation can bring positive results across the board. When it comes to health care and office space, it’s important to negotiate the best possible rate on a lease, not to mention having familiarity with available offices that will suit your unique needs.

Construction management and lease negotiation are critical to making your office move a successful one. Don’t forget the efficiency analysis, either. You’ll want to be absolutely sure you have enough office space to serve your clients…but you don’t want wasted space either. Do you really know exactly how much space you need?

And do you really want to have to worry about that along with everything else that comes with starting or moving a professional group?

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