From The Desk Of Michael Stone: It Takes More Than An Excel Spreadsheet To Manage Your Lease.

I’d have to admit that there’s nothing sexy about lease administration…unless, of course, your firm likes larger profit margins. And yet, so many businesses out there tend to manage their existing leases as an afterthought. For businesses with multiple office locations, it can be a mess to track varying lease agreements and key dates. The result is usually missed opportunities to cut unnecessary costs. For example, do all 45 of your office locations nationwide require 6 months notice prior to terminating their lease agreements? Did you know that, under many leases, you have a right to audit your landlord if your costs go up due to operating expense adjustments? There are many places to save thousands when you take a proactive lease administration strategy. And although it seems like a good idea to hand the task off to a member of your staff or management team, it’s likely that he or she already has a full-time job upon which he/she focuses most of his/her attention. It’s also likely that person has little to no experience negotiating effectively with a corporate landlord. A good broker knows which buttons to push, what’s standard, and where to go when it comes to clauses in your lease which can save—or cost—you money.

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