Latest News: Stone Group Partners With Apex Green Energy To Offer Clients More

The Stone Group will partner with Texas-based Apex Green Energy to offer energy management advisory services. The Stone Group is a national commercial real estate services firm.

Apex Green Energy, through an alliance with Tradition Energy, one of the nation’s largest full-service energy procurement advisors (, provides clients nationwide with services designed to reduce energy expenses, generally among the largest controllable costs for most businesses. The partnership will focus upon supply-side solutions (procurement advisory) with an emphasis on the idea of businesses evaluating sustainable, or “green,” energy, rather than conventional power. Partner Steven Edwards notes that while energy procurement advisory is the first step to reducing energy costs, businesses can also do more to reduce their energy outlay through demand-side solutions, which the partnership with The Stone Group will provide. Apex Green Energy recommends the evaluation of capital investment in energy efficient lighting, HVAC and similar equipment. “It’s important to evaluate and, where appropriate, make capital investments in more energy-efficient systems, which in some cases can result in a sizeable return on investment.

Paul Dickerson, partner and head of the Clean Tech Practice Group at Haynes and Boone, and former Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, sees potential in the partnership. “Steven and Apex Green Energy recognize that clean energy can bring real cost savings to businesses. This partnership with The Stone Group will expose a number of savvy businesses to this growing reality.”

Michael Stone, CEO of The Stone Group, agrees. “Green practices go above and beyond civic responsibility,” he said. “They mean real savings for businesses of any size. Our partnership with Apex will open the door to significant cost reductions for our clients.”

Steven Edwards can be reached at or (214) 534-2650.

Michael Stone can be reached at or (512) 732-8700.

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