Office Space Blog: A Practical Work Around For Reading Those Autocad Files

In the business world, we all deal with a myriad of file types. On any given day, one can deal with a .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .VCF…the list goes on. One that we run into frequently in the corporate portfolio management world is the .DWG, or the AutoCAD file, a major player in the various programs designed by AutoDesk. Typically, these files are passed along when information about the size and layout of a space is needed. Many times this arrives via an Adobe PDF file, but occasionally we see the ever famous .DWG or AutoCAD file. As with all software, if the recipient owns a license, opening and commenting on a file is not a problem. However, if the software (AutoCAD in this case) is not available to the user (say, a small business employee), take heart. There are still ways in which these files can be viewed and commented on if necessary.

If you own an iPad, visit the App Store and seach for AutoCAD WS by Autodesk. This is a .DWG viewer application that allows a user to open any. DWG file, view and provide feedback with the stroke of a finger. Given the portable nature of the iPad, having this application also come in handy when you are touring a space and can access the file for the dimensional layout. You can find the application here.

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