Office Space Blog: Design Tip Of The Day. Oh, How To Buy!

Oh, how to buy! New, refurbished or used on the fly?

Most people know what they want when it comes to the look and feel of an office. But how do you get the look you want without breaking the bank? Let’s talk furniture. You can get the style you want, at a good price point if you’re willing to do the work. When many people think about a new office, they think new furniture. If that’s within your budget and time frame, new is great. But new is not the only way to go.

Consider refurbished or used furniture. However, isn’t refurbished just a fancy word for “used?”. Not exactly. Refurbished has a wide meaning in the industry. Basically, a piece is refurbished when a portion of the product is new. For instance, a refurbished cubicle wall may have new fabric. A refurbished chair might have a new seat and back covering. A refurbished table might have a recovered surface. Refurbished has a fresher look than used, but comes in at a better cost than new.

If refurbished is still out of your price range or you need the products quicker, then used is the way to go. Used is not only lightest on your pocket book, but it is better for the environment, a key consideration in most green projects. Typically, used has the quickest turn around on delivery. There are some great deals and good looking furniture out there on the used market. A good rule of thumb with used: pictures are great, but always look at the product in person before you purchase. With a little investigation and determination, a fantastic used product can be yours. If you don’t want to go entirely used, mix it up! Go with new or refurbished furniture in your public or client-occupied areas, and go with something a little more cost effective in your less public areas.

How mixed is your furniture?

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