Office Space Blog: Design Tip Of The Day, The Column Collective

our corporate real estate strategy involves much more than locations and leases. How you arrange and furnish your office has a surprisingly large impact on productivity, morale and even branding. Check back often for useful design tips and ideas.

The way you furnish your office has a huge impact on employee morale, customer first impression and even efficiency of space management. Today, we’ll talk about columns. Does your space have protruding columns? Make them a part of your collective. Start by accentuating the column with an accent color. This will make it an eye catcher to give it a positive spin on a creative space. Or, if your design style is less bold, cover the column with mirrors to extend the space, for a more elegant touch. Also consider giving your column a purpose. Create a bar height counter all the way around and create a new meeting area in your space. Columns can be as creative as you are…what’s your column challenge?

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