Office Space Blog: Going Green Can Also Save You Some Green

The “green” movement is likely here to stay, and that’s especially true in corporate real estate. But “going green” doesn’t just have to be a noble approach. In fact, it can save your business financial “green.”

If your business seeks to save money on their energy costs, consider the following upgrades during your next lease negotiation…all are low cost, high impact solutions that can offer measurable cost savings…

– HID type to fluorescent T5HO hi-bay type fixtures w/ motion sensing capability (industrial & warehouse clients).

– Small area wall or ceiling mount occupancy or vacancy sensors in conference rooms, restrooms and individual office locations.

– Open office areas or call center users with a large surface area of perimeter window glass may consider daylight harvesting & dimmable fixture options. Several reputable and proven manufacturers will offer install and programming assistance.

– In an office environment where the predominant fixture type is 2×4 lay-in, replacing an existing fluorescent package with an LED solution can offer significant energy and lamp & ballast replacement cost savings.

Don’t have the time or wherewithal to determine if any of these suggestions are a good fit for your business? As always, trusted professional advisers can be counted on to pair any number of good “green” options to your company and the way you do business.

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