Office Space Blog: Making The Most Of Your Commute

The commute.

The mere mention of the word leaves some shuddering at the thought. I commute to the office. Most days, I spend at least 40-45 minutes behind the wheel, one way. To some, this amount of time is a not even worthy of mentioning. To others, it seems like an eternity. Regardless of how long you spend on your drive to work in the morning, the toughest part is the desire to be, or even feel productive, and the lack thereof. Unless you are a crafty text-and-driver, or you are best friends with Siri, driving to work is one of those periods of time in our day when not much gets accomplished. Can it become more than what it is?

Readers, I submit to you that the car is, in fact, a great place to be productive. No, we may not be able to answer emails, draft that next big proposal or work on a new sales plan, but our drive is a great time to feed our brain. I used to listen to a well known sports talk station out of Dallas on my iPhone. I would arrive at work with my head full of Texas Rangers pitching stats, the Cowboys’ injury report, and a myriad of local radio ads. Bottom line? It did nothing to build my capacity for the day ahead. I have realized recently that I can harness the drivetime doldrums and redeem my commute. I have become committed to supplementing and, in some cases, replacing my thinking with audio from respected content deliverers. With the plethora of free information at our fingertips these days from sources like iTunes, anyone can create an account, login, download and listen to endless free material in the form of business strategy, sales training, market trends, self-help, or sermon audio from a church/pastor with which you align…just to name a few. You can even audit a class from an Ivy League school via iTunes U!

For these reasons, I have decided to discontinue excuses for lobotomized car time. Every Sunday night, I hop onto iTunes and grab 10-12 “messages” from podcasts I subscribe to. It’s enough content to get me through the week and allows me to spend time learning on my way to work.

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