Office Space Blog: Need A Broker Or An Advocate

Companies which use consultants and firms to manage their corporate real estate processes don’t just need a broker. They need an advocate. The difference? It’s the amount of time and investment a firm puts into understanding the entire picture of the client’s business. What is their scope? Who are their customers? How do they make money? Who are their competitors? What is currently trending in the marketplace or industry that affects their business? How does current policy affect their future and their real estate needs? A brokerage takes its cumulative knowledge and applies it to the client’s real estate obligations. An advocate takes the client’s full business scope into consideration as well as its knowledge of the real estate market, and combines them to provide a strategy resulting in the most advantageous decision possible. We apply this same idea when marketing to new clients. We don’t come to pitch. We come to understand.

We are currently applying this core value of our firm in discussions with a national healthcare firm with which we are working to do business. The current political climate, coupled with economic and healthcare policy, are major factors in its real estate decisions. It’s critical that your advocate work hard to gain a deep level of understanding of the why, how, and what that will impact your real estate decision-making process.

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