Office Space Blog: pick up the phone!

We live in a marvelous age. There are so many ways to communicate with each other. Whether it’s Skype, e-mail, text message, social media or any number of other options, it’s hard to make the excuse that one can’t be reached.

But when it comes to commercial real estate (or really, almost any business), an e-mail or written message is not always the best way to go. Think about it. How many times is an e-mail with benign intent misinterpreted to mean something it doesn’t? How often is bad or even confrontational messaging sent from behind the walls of the written word?

A lot gets lost when we don’t have voice to voice or, even better, face to face communication. The emotion, body language and tone are all lost. These are very important elements to business communication. Their loss can slow down issues requiring resolution to keep a project on the rails.

Whether it’s over the course of a lease negotiation or simply a consultant seeking simple approval from a client, there are just times when the good professional picks up the phone or, better yet, hops on a plane. Yes, communication technology can and should be used to expedite any number of situations. But there are times when the parties need to hear each other or even see each other. Some seem to have lost that ability in today’s world. But the good ones know when it’s time to deliver the message the old-fashioned way.

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