Office Space Blog: Toilets And Sinks And Cabinets Galore. Replace Your Restroom With A Look Clients Adore

Your office space plays a huge role in the way clients, partners and even employees perceive your brand. Unfortunately, many businesses opt for the sterile, commercial look for their restrooms. Why not replace it with a warm residential look?

This is not to say there are no challenges to doing so. For example, most building codes prevent using all the familiarities of a residential restroom in a commercial building. Commercial restrooms have to maintain accessibility for those with disabilities, along with other codes. So it’s likely not possible to install a standard enclosed cabinet base under the sink. Nonetheless, there are ways to make your restroom feel more welcoming.

Diversify the flooring and wall materials. Add an upgraded counter surface such as granite. Change the style of the mirrors and the lighting. Add artwork. Change the color scheme from neutral to something more vibrant. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a revitalized feel to your restroom and still meet commercial code. And you may be surprised by the positive impact on your business, as well.

So, how customer-friendly are your commercial restrooms?

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