We are looking to relocate,how much office space will we need?

This is a question we hear frequently…or rather, wish we would hear more!

In fact, many clients come to us having determined their need by sheer guesswork. The smartest, most efficient way to determine the amount of space you will need should involve a square footage to employee ratio.

Rather than picking the best site and hoping one’s staff will fit comfortably, without too much extra (wasted) space, determine (with the help of a Commercial Real Estate professional) how much space each employee will need to function. Be sure to include break rooms, conference rooms and the like.

Also, where possible, leave room for growth. The one certainty in business is change. If you have an office headcount of 50 now, and plan to add another 10 in the next 1 – 2 years, then plan for that number.

By taking a proactive methodology as you go through the site selection process, you’ll find that you can save significant amounts down the road.

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