Lease Administration

Even if you are not seeking to relocate or expand, your business could be wasting money every day under the terms of your existing lease.

The Stone Group’s experts keep an eye on the details for you, ensuring you fulfill your lease (thereby avoiding costly penalties) obligations, as well as the obligations of the landlord.

In this slow moving economy, companies are continuing to examine their costs and allocate their resources to achieve the maximum return on investment. If you are a tenant with multiple leased locations, then annual rent for office space could easily be as high as the 2nd or 3rd in total expenses.

So how do you manage your commercial lease portfolio?

If your company is still using spreadsheets or you dont have reliable real estate talent in house, then you should consider the advantages of letting The Stone Group handle these issues for you – So you can focus on your business. We can lower your costs of lease administration while increasing the management control of your lease portfolio.

Centralizing your lease management processes can also lead to the recovery of fees and allowances. Whether you are responsible for managing 5, 50 or 500 leases, a focused lease administration program is the cornerstone of strategic real estate planning and commercial portfolio management.

The Stone Group can help you maximize the effectiveness of your leases and find the best rates and terms for every transaction. As a centralized advocate for your real estate operations, we are able to compress transaction time for dispositions, renewals and acquisitions delivering higher-quality real estate decisions, as well as effectively managing local brokerage activity and ensuring quality standards.

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