Occupancy Management

Repairs, maintenance, occupancy rates, communication…
All are key ingredients to getting the most out of your corporate real estate.

If your office space is not in top flight shape, and operating in the best of conditions, we can help you explore your options for improvement.

Corporate real estate can be effectively designed and in a desired or high traffic area, but it will not be a profitable rental property if tenants, or the building itself, aren’t managed properly and occupancy maintained at a high and consistent level.

When tenants are not happy, they vacate at the end of their leases, or even sometimes before. Not only does this reduce income due to unpaid rents, it also increases costs for marketing to replace the lost tenants.

Effective tenant management involves good rent collection practices, responsive handling of repairs and maintenance, consistent and fair enforcement of regulations and regular and informative communication with tenants. Failure in any of these areas can result in dissatisfied tenants, lower occupancy rates, increased marketing costs and lower return on investment.

The Stone Group can analyze and help you identify any or all of these common issues and how to best address them to increase occupancy and profitability.

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