Space Planning

Even with the optimum property, many businesses still see significant wasted expenses because of faulty space planning.

Companies that need to utilize their commercial property space more efficiently, to increase productivity or to simply reorganize, have relied on The Stone Groups experience, creative problem solving and expert assessment, joining your business needs with the maximum potential of the corporate space.

In todays highly competitive commercial real estate market, the design of your work space is a crucial key to the success of your business. Whether it be in a high rise or manufacturing facility, how you utilize space is crucial to the bottom line.

If your not sure what to do with your current office space, thinking about a relocation or ready to consolidate multiple offices, contact the Stone Group for an analysis. We take your current needs, inventory, storage, privacy requirements, ergonomic considerations, appearance, future goals and anticipated changes into consideration to offer you the best possible recommendations.

If you need to make room in your existing commercial office or retail space for your recent growth without additional leasing, we can help reconfigure your current space to make the most of the spcae you already have available.

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