Success Stories

What could your business accomplish with up to 20 percent in real estate savings?

Measurable results are REAL results.

Outsourcing real estate services to The Stone Group will help your firm find additional efficiency and cost savings, as well as free up resources spent performing real estate operations. Our experience has produced as much as a 30 percent in time savings and over 20 percent in annual occupancy cost savings.

  • In an overhaul of a national firms 350+ real estate locations, The Stone Group immediately discovered over $1 million in direct real estate savings, during the first year of the outsourcing arrangement. This represented a near 10 percent reduction in rent obligations, in addition to an aggressive lease administration program, which further reduced their occupancy costs.

  • For one Fortune 500 financial services client, The Stone Group uncovered 5 percent in occupancy cost savings, in just six months time, by implementing an aggressive lease administration program.

  • A mid-sized business, with a single 68,000 square-foot office, recovered $127,000 that they had paid the landlordover the past two years, as a direct result of reviewing the company’s lease and operating expenses. The Stone Group discovered that the landlord had failed to cap management fees at a stipulated percent, and added fees that were not allowed in the terms of the lease.

  • A company with annual rent increase based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), saved more than $16,000 in miscalculated CPI charges, after The Stone Group conducted a complete review of the company’s lease and discovered the landlord was not compliant with CPI calculations, as negotiated on the lease.

  • A company with a single 18,750sq-ft office saved more than $26,000, over a four year period, after The Stone Group reviewed their lease and found that the landlord had inappropriately billed operating expenses. The Stone Group compared average expenses for the geographical area and handled interface with landlord to recover over payments.

Powerful Metrics

Our comprehensive due diligence process helps clients uncover powerful metrics and benchmarks to better manage real estate assets from one central team of experts.

Our experience and research has shown that firms commercial real estate expenses can often represent around 10 percent of total company expenses; with an aggressive outsourcing initiative, they have the potential to decrease their total real estate expenses by 20 percent. This includes reductions in annual rents, lease obligations and operating expense audits to reduce unnecessary spending across real estate assets.

The simple math proves very powerful when clients have the potential to lower overall expenses by 2 percent with little financial outlays or risk, as landlords pay the majority of associated fees, delivering a powerful return on investment and significant overall cost savings.

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