Lease Negotiations

Successful negotiations grow from experience, knowledge and relationships. The Stone Group can ensure that your business commits to the best possible agreement.

We know what to look for, and we likely know the landlord. Let us put our expertise to use to bring about lower costs for you.

When your lease is up for renewal or your ready to look for available business space, chances are you will be presented with a printed commercial lease prepared by the landlord or the landlords legal representation. Keep in mind that the terms in that lease almost always favor the landlord, but often times these terms are negotiable. This is where the experience of the Stone Group could possibly save you thousands of dollars annually.

The profitability of your business is directly impacted by the cost of leasing office space. A mere 25 cents difference in rent on a 5,000 sq ft. office lease over a five year term is $75,000.00 directly off the bottom line.

To achieve the most aggressive lease or purchase transaction, you need to sit at an even negotiating table with Landlords. The leasing of commercial office space is the Landlords business. The Landlord is fully informed as to the terms of the market place, are you?

There are many hidden items in a lease that cost tenants money over the lease term. These hidden costs need to be addressed when negotiating a lease, not just the rental rate alone. We are the tenant advocate.

Our proven lease negotiation strategies can assist any size commercial tenant get the best deal possible.
Analyze, Strategize, Negotiate, Execute.

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