Tenant Representation

It takes experience and expertise to ensure that your business executes the most favorable lease and receives the maximum benefit from its real estate strategy.

At The Stone Group, we have built an extensive track record of helping clients reduce the risks and the costs associated with their commercial real estate. We have represented and advocated for hundreds of businesses of all sizes. We understand what motivates landlords and can analyze your current terms and occupancy requirements, scour the market for other, better, opportunities and help negotiate the best possible lease terms for your business.

On average, a business goes thru the leasing process every 3 to 5 years. A commercial property owner will go thru this process many times in a single year (or even a month). The lease terms are usually built to protect the landlord and serve the landlords best interests.

An experienced tenant representative can reach an equitable solution to the needs of the tenant as well as the requirements of the landlord. A commercial tenant with a skilled commercial broker has access to market information and negotiation skills equal to that of the landlord (who also uses professional representation). Decision making with respect to renew your lease or relocate, expand, downsize or consolidate corporate offices as well as how to optimize lease structures is increasingly complex in today’s business environment.

Whether your negotiating a single lease or multiple lease transactions for branch offices around the country, the objective of controlling occupancy costs and maximizing productivity will require expert market knowledge, creative solutions and an experienced real estate adviser. The Stone Group has the background and experience to meet and corporate objectives.

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